I’m a social worker. I sling my labor unlicensed in the mean alleys between our towering government command centers, because I am fundamentally a Good Person w/ a Kind Soul, not because it’s just sort of the career I found myself in. I’m 33, which means I’m too old to do anything of significance but also that I may yet live to see the climate apocalypse.

I am an optimist.

I overshare but only on paper. I have made public vows of various sorts. I get anxious and analytical about how best to spend my time for max life satisfaction, but usually I end up pissing away that time on the internet. My intended output is mostly fiction but every so often I have an essay-ish idea to explore with regard to whatever cultural detritus has recently ended up looping through my brain’s reward centers. I am approximately $100,000 in debt. I am deeply in need of close friends but I don’t know if I can make the effort.

I want to say I am recently nonchristian but when I was a christian I was the sort who failed to see the importance of a true belief in the claim of that central mystical resurrection’s veracity, so I guess you could say I am recently a non-churchgoer. No one told me that Sundays w/o church are basically like a free second Saturday. You can do a lot with a morning to yourself. I could go on.